Skyrig Media LLP is one of the premium aerial cinematography team which delivers the "key-shot" impossibly achieved by conventional cranes and jibs. With years of experiences, Skyrigmedia has involved and contributed to many successful commercial aerial shots from the air using our state-of-the-art remote aerial rigs.

Skyrig Media LLP also offers aerial services as an alternative to shoot aerial cinematography should a chartered helicopter option is not available (due to air-space clearance, budget contraints, or height limitations which a real helicopter could not possibly achieve, such as pole-lines, low-level cityscape, fireworks and populated urban area.)

Shooting from an impossible camera angle seems a daunting task from the top. With Skyrigmedia, we will conduct a production meeting with our clients and work out all possible and safest ways of bringing that angles to your audience.

To date, we have rendered our services to the various agencies ranging from Commercial MVs, TVCs, Documentaries, Military Exercises, Feature Films, and Structural Inspections through our professional team of crew with a wealth of experiences in aerial cinematography.

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