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SKYRIG MEDIA LLP offers a one-stop service to our client and their agencies to engage with our local government agencies for all the relevant air permits to operate drones in Singapore.  

As a licensed UAV operator, we have the relevant protocols to ease the process of applying drone permits within Singapore thereby easing our clients and their agencies from the hassle of applying one.

We are certified UAV Operators registered under CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) and all permits will be handled on behalf by us.  Have a peace of mind when you engage us and we will offer our best services to your next upcoming shoot.

  • Certified CAAS-UAPL Drone Operators (Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License).

  • CAAS approved camera drones.

  • Experienced & Creative-Eyed Cam Operators.

  • One-Stop Service for Drone Permit Applications within Singapore.

  • Clearance and Red Tape mitigations with local authorities and government agencies.

  • Close communications with producers / line producers in settling all red tapes to expedite permits.

  • Close communications with DPs on set in shots planning and story board curations.

  • Aerial/Drone content harvesting and B-Rolls.

Shooting from an impossible camera angle seems a daunting task from the top. With Skyrigmedia, we will conduct a production meeting with our clients and work out all possible and safest ways of bringing that angles to your audience.

To date, we have rendered our services to the various agencies ranging from Commercial MVs, TVCs, Documentaries, Military Exercises, Feature Films, and Structural Inspections through our professional team of crew with a wealth of experiences in aerial cinematography.

Contact us and discuss your next shoot with us today. 

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